What To Expect


During your first appointment you will fill out a short intake form and then meet with the Doctor to discuss your health concerns. The Doctor will perform an evaluation, including neurologic and orthopaedic rests, to determine the best approach to meet your needs. We offer onsite x-rays if necessary.

Our aim is for the initial appointment to take approximately 30 minutes from the time you walk in the door until the time that you leave, but may vary based on your condition and how many questions you have.

The cost of the initial exam and consultation varies based on the type of testing required, but our aim is to always make it affordable. If you simply wish to meet with the Doctor to determine if their approach to treatment is compatible with what you are looking for, this can be accommodated at no charge.


Frequently Asked Questions


Do you work with MPI, WCB and Private Insurance companies?

If you are in a car accident or injured at work, we work closely with MPI and WCB to support you in your recovery.

Our Chiropractors are fully trained and licensed and will work with you to determine the best way to utilize your MPI, WCB or private insurance coverage.

We offer direct billing to many major private insurance companies including Blue Cross, Great West Life and others. On your first visit, please bring any insurance information or claim numbers with you to assist in the insurance verification process for your care.

Is chiropractic safe?

 Yes. Chiropractic is recognized as one of the safest, non-invasive ways to care for your spine and Central Nervous System. Each person's care is tailored ​to their condition, age and health goals. Our Doctors are trained in a variety of chiropractic techniques and cater their adjustments to each individual person. Common chiropractic techniques utilized by our Doctors include Thompson Drop, Diversified, Petition and Activator.  

How often will I have to go?

 We understand that every person's health need are unique. The frequency of care is dependent on the severity of the problem and what your health goals are. The Doctor will review the best options for care with you to best suit your needs.